A retired Catholic priest from New Orleans who years ago secretly admitted to church leaders that he sexually molested or harassed numerous children is now facing criminal charges. State prosecutors in New Orleans obtained an indictment charging Lawrence Hecker, 91, on Thursday with aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated crime against nature and theft.

“This would never have been possible if it were not for Aaron Hebert,” said the statement from the SCSA’s president, Richard Windmann, who called Hecker a “monster”. It added: “Everyone who is currently being hurt can look at Mr. Hebert, where he sits in the pantheon of warriors who endeavored to protect you and your children.”

Update 09/08/2023: Lawrence Hecker turned himself into the New Orleans Police department late this morning, and is currently awaiting a bond hearing.

Update 9/11/2023: Hecker's bond hearing was this morning. He has a court hold, with no bail. I dare someone to try to get him out of jail. Welcome to cold oatmeal and green baloney sandwiches, and watered down koolaid. And be sure to watch your back. Welcome to the jungle, you monster.

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