I grew up in New Orleans, and I was molested in the Boy Scouts Troop 137. The troop was formed to be a front for a network of Pedophiles, so they could have access to young boys. I was then molested by a New Orleans Police Department detective who was the Commander of the Child Sex Abuse Unit. Really. And then I was molested by a Jesuit janitor and a Priest. I tried to commit suicide when I was nineteen. At 47, I started to revisit those atrocities in my mind, being sober my entire adult life, I started self-medicating with alcohol. I eventually got sober, started taking my meds, and saw a trauma-informed psychologist. I am now the Co-Founder and President of Survivors of Childhood Sex Abuse (SCSA), and I never looked back. I am a survivor/victim activist, advocate, and WARRIOR. This is my story: