SCSA Members

"We have come to understand that a victim of childhood sex abuse finds coercion, deception, excuses, double or floating or moving standards, mystification, low self-esteem and self-medicating to be natural aspects of their world. Without these dysfunctional features in their life, they would not have been able to survive for as long as they have. It affects their quality of life and relationships. Victims and Survivors are left to live a life of perpetual fear that their constructed world view can be torn down at any moment, and thus they must forever be on guard against any who attempt to encourage them to question the fallacies of their childhood. Trust and truth for them is and always will remain a convoluted concept that must never allow for the facts and reality or reason to exist. And that's exactly why SCSA exist. We need to get to victims earlier in their lives, so they don't live a life of pure hell." - Richard Windmann, Founding Member and President, SCSA

We provide resources and support to all victims and survivors who are members of SCSA. We will never accept money or otherwise profit from the support programs we offer to victims and survivors - our programs are always free of charge. How do we do this? We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and we operate solely on donations from members like you. Here are some of the support programs we currently offer:

Support Meetings

Supporting victims and survivors of childhood sex abuse is our primary purpose, it's why we exist. We offer online support meetings to all members of SCSA. You can attend with your full name, first name, or be completely anonymous. Our support meetings are scheduled for two hours, are private, and are peer supported. Your privacy is of paramount importance for SCSA, and you do not have to use your webcam or microphone. In addition, there is no requirement to to speak in the meetings at all; listening and being present is also a way to heal. We offer both female and male (exclusively), ritual abuse and family support meetings.

In order to attend, you must be a SCSA Member, click here to join us!.

Personal Support

If you are having suicidal ideations or you are otherwise in crisis, call 911 immediately. If you do not feel comfortable sharing in a support meeting, SCSA also offers one-on-one support. You can contact SCSA, via [email protected], or by calling us at ‪(469) 275-1439‬. You do not have to be a SCSA member for this program.


Over time, SCSA has established working relationships with certified and/or licensed professionals, some for a fee or even free of charge, and we are happy to refer you to them. It's important to note that we do not receive commissions, fees or "kickbacks" from these professionals. In addition, we offer information on other resources, or even scientific research information and papers.


Fellowship is vital for victims and survivors to heal. Meeting with, talking to, and making genuine friends who are empathetic and supportive is an essential tool in your growing tool box of healing. No one understands you better than someone who has been in your shoes and is if further along in their healing. We are more than happy to help you make those connections with current members. 

To participate in any or all of these programs, please use our Contact Form, Email us, or call SCSA at ‪(469) 275-1439‬.