V.M. Wheeler

The V.M. Wheeler case has always been peculiar and sparked our interest. Wheeler, an Attorney and a Catholic Deacon in the New Orleans Archdiocese, died of pancreatic cancer just months into serving a sentence of probation. He was originally charged with 1st Degree Rape of a Child Under 13, using a weapon. In Louisiana, that's a mandatory life sentence, and because of the aggravating factors of the victim's age and the use of a weapon, is subject to the death penalty. Then the charge was reduced to two counts of battery and two counts of indecency. And finally, 4 counts of indecency. 

The 4 indecency counts arrived by a plea deal. Wheeler was sentenced to 5 years prison with hard labor, to be served concurrently, and was suspended and he had to serve only 5 years of probation. That's like robbing the Federal Reserve bank with an armoured tank, and then making a deal that reduced it to shoplifting a candy bar at the corner store. Most people would assume that takes influence and power, anyone else would be in Angola at hard labor.

Vinny Mosca, attorney and former Mayor of Harahan, Louisiana went to the victim's home and feigned concern for the victim and his family, stating ""to see if there was a possibility for an amicable and expeditious resolution to this matter." Mosca "attempted to discourage the initiation of criminal charges because it would be a 'media feeding frenzy' and negative press for John Doe and his family," according to the civil lawsuit. Mosca argued that he had been the victim's family's attorney for years, and had the victim's best interest at heart. After discouraging the victim and getting information from the victim, Mosca became pedophile V.M Wheeler's attorney.

Louis J. Roussel III

In February, one of John Doe's attorneys received a phone call from "a very wealthy and well-known benefactor of the Archdiocese of New Orleans" who is identified in the lawsuit as "Mr. R," according to the lawsuit. In the conversation, Mr. R told Doe's attorney he was calling on behalf of Wheeler and "Mr. K," who the lawsuit said had approached Doe's father months earlier about trying to "settle" the issue with Wheeler.

Mr. R discussed "taking the mortgage on Wheeler's house so that they could offer to settle John Doe's claims against Wheeler because they wanted 'to do something for the boy.'" Mr. R said he had "$350,000 and 'another $50,000 to play with to settle the claims." In order to reach a settlement, John Doe would have to stop any cooperation with the JPSO (Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office) in the ongoing criminal investigation into Wheeler's sexual assaults..."

A source came forward to SCSA and alleged "Mr. R" was Louis J. Roussel III, who is not only a well-known benefactor of the Archdiocese, but a well-respected civic leader and philanthropist whose passion is horse racing. Through a public records request, and a discussion with JPSO's detective in the case, and the JPSO Public Information Officer, they confirmed that it was Louis J. Roussel III who was involved. We also learned the "Mr. K" is Mr. Daniel Kingston the executor of V.M. Wheeler's estate.

I reached out to both Louis Roussel and Daniel Kingston to report on this story, and Roussel threatened this reporter with attorneys, and Kingston threatened my life (and my family's life) with the New Orleans Mafia.

Louis J. Rousell by The Swampboys

Louis J. Roussel speaking with attorney Richard Trahant, saying that he didn't want to be involved in the coverup any more, promised the attorney anything he wanted, begged for a pass, and acknowledged how close he was to Archbishop Aymond.

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