You know what makes me so angry?  The fact we kill animals for harming a child, yet we give out probation for child molesters in some cases.

This is a bit of a rant; so get ready.

We entrust our children to churches, schools, family members, "upstanding" members of the community, social clubs etc. Yet in every one of these settings there are predators that are seeking out to take advantage of our children in a sexual manner. WTF is wrong with people? I ask myself this everyday.

In recent years it has been the Catholic Church who has been on the front line of the issue; but we shouldn't forget the other denominations that have a history of the same; or the Boy Scouts of America, or the school teachers sleeping with their students etc.

Now, it seems after hearing survivors stories that no place is safe! From hearing of law enforcement, politicians, military rank etc. being abusers; who do we turn to for the safe haven we promised our kids? I am a father, stepfather and grandfather and I for one worry about my family members being subjected to these atrocities that I have been victim to.

See, my whole young life I was unfortunately subjected to every type of abuse there is. More so, sexually. From events with the church in elementary school, ritualistic abuse to having my first child at 13 with a teacher and then an assault by a priest as a teenager: I have first hand witnessed what it can do to you.

We wonder why so many "kids'' are being assaulted? Look how society tries to force kids to grow up and sexualizes children! Then wants to blame the child for the issues that arise.

Then punishment of the predators is knocked down to a plea deal of probation and "Registered Sex Offender" status. Which isn't as effective as they would like; as there is a high reoffend rate.

Human trafficking.....we have to worry about our kids being kids because of the fact that there are groups like "Snatching Kids Up" and using them as if they are objects ruining their lives forever.

It pains me to see that things are only getting worse. What I know is this; we must protect children at all costs. We have failed them as a society; and with the culture the way it is; forcing kids to grow up quicker than ever before. Why cant we look out for the kids the way that we are supposed to? When you see something that doesn't look right; and your gut says something isn't right, FOLLOW THAT FEELING! You could be saving a child from the horror of being a victim.

Kelly Paul Cresswell
Sr. Vice President
Survivors of Childhood Sex Abuse (SCSA)