Louisiana House Bill 492 has passed Legislative Committee and is now on it's way to the Louisiana State Legislature House of Representatives. The Bill had overwhelming support, and as no surprise, the only opposition to the Bill was the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops, of which New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond serves on the Board of Directors. SCSA strongly supports House Bill 492, and SCSA President Richard Windmann and Board of Directors Chairman Mark Vath testified before the committee in their own personal capacities.

The Bill changes the Status of Limitations for childhood sex abuse from 10 years after their 18th birthday to 35 years after their 18th birthday, allowing adult survivors of childhood sex abuse to seek justice in Louisiana Civil Courts.

Child abuse survivor and Gretna City Councilman Jackie Berthelot, 66, came forward for the very first time and testified about his own sexual abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church. Other childhood sex abuse activists and advocates, some of whom were childhood sex abuse survivors themselves, James Adams, Jillian Edwards Coburn and Letitia Peyton, also testified in support of the Bill. You can watch the entire proceeding below: