SCSA 4th Quarter Newsletter

A letter from the President:

Dear SCSA Members,

This is the final newsletter of 2021. It's been a whirlwind forming and operating the organization. We were born on February 11th, 2021, and I never get used to all the things we've accomplished in just 11 months. We currently have just over 1300 members from all over the globe. Our support groups are humming along, and are established and are very vibrant. And that's our primary purpose; to support and serve our members, survivors and victims. Just like everything else during the holidays, we expected things to slow down. To our surprise, attendance is up in the support groups, and it turns out that the holidays can be especially hard on victims and survivors, and they especially need support during the holidays.

Since our last newsletter, we have had several major developments. We received at $120,000.00 grant from Google. The catch is that we can only use it for advertising, up to $10,000.00 per month, which we will start to execute on in 2022. I had a zoom meeting with Google Executives, and they were so moved by our story, Google now pays for all of our back office IT operations. This tremendously reduces our operating expenses. When I co-founded the organization, one of our guiding principles was that we would be fiscally responsible and transparent. As such, we will be posting our IRS form 990 that we will be filing with the IRS on our website in January/February.

There have been some changes, for the better, in our organization. We experienced three resignations on our Board. Their replacements are very impressive. One of our volunteers, Jessica Brown, who is the Vice President of Women's Support Programs and formed our Woman's support group, has ascended to the board. Robbin Jorgensen comes to the board. Her own non-profit, Women Igniting Change, and brings that experience to the Board. John Anderson, our co-founder and Vice President of Men's Support Programs, has been appointed to the Board as well. So it goes without saying that we are very excited about our new Board lineup; they are the conscience of the organization, and their counsel is crucial to the success of SCSA.

You can see the complete Leadership page at

And there's more. Alice Crochet, a SCSA survivor, has been appointed as the Executive Assistant to the organization. She's an impressive lady and is a survivor herself. Not a survivor, but a very talented man, James Stowell, comes to us from IBM, and is responsible for all SCSA IT Operations, and starts January 2022. A Computer Science graduate, and he specializes in datacenter operations at IBM, and practices the Agile method and is a certified Scrum Master. Helen McGonigle, a survivor herself, is now SCSA's corporate attorney and is now "of counsel" to the organization. She received Juris Doctorate from Loyola University School of Law in New Orleans. She has also been a victim/survivor advocate to victims and survivors for decades.

We hope that you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful and prosperous New Year, we'll see you soon in 2022, and until then, I remain,

Respectfully yours,

Richard Windmann
President, SCSA

In Memoriam:

One of our lady members, Fawn, was ushered into heaven by the loving arms of the angels. I've (Richard) known Fawn for about six years, and her heart, soul and smile was infectious. She called me on a Thursday and was in bad shape, needed immediate support and became a SCSA member that day. The day after, Friday, Jessica and Alice worked with her. The next day, Saturday, she committed suicide, a direct result of her sex abuse during her childhood. She is survived by her husband, Casey. As a cautionary note, suicide is the ending feature of a victim of childhood sex abuse when they don't get help. That is why it is so critical to get help and support sooner rather than later. We were devastated to hear of her passing, and SCSA sent a beautiful flower spread for her services. We will miss Fawn and never forget her.

Volunteer of the Year:


Jessica is a licensed BSW social worker with a pre-apprenticeship manufacturing certification despite having a significant disability. She's a survivor of adversity and extreme trauma with a deep passion for helping empower and inspire people to thrive, overcome and be resilient despite their adversity through sharing her life story, philanthropy, writing, public speaking, and advocacy. She has been a featured guest speaker in podcasts, videos, and a radio show shared and broadcasted globally. She a humanitarian, an artist, published poet and author who has been quoted by Resilience and am currently involved in the Women Igniting Change program working on an initiative she named RISE from Shattered Silence to Strength. She's a volunteer for the Humanity Preservation Foundation. She is the volunteer point person, board member, as well as a facilitator for a female sex abuse support group for SCSA, Survivors of Childhood Sex Abuse. She's on the forefront of helping rebuild the child welfare system in the United States. She is credited for starting the Women's Support Group at SCSA.

Volunteer of the Quarter:

Alice Crochet is a clinical case manager assistant for a Home Health agency with an excess amount of billing experience. She was the first full-time licensed Cosmetologist that graduated in her class. Achieving top sales that led to educational classes in New York, Chicago and other areas. This also allowed her the ability to contribute to the community by giving her time and talent to helping several families in need including nursing homes. Prior to that she became a licensed X-ray tech through the board of Chiropractor Examiners. Being from abusive situations her whole life she gives her Heart and Soul to help others. Alice came to us as a victim of childhood sex abuse. When her abuser got out of jail, he moved next door to her. Working with her, SCSA was able to get justice for her. She moved quickly to become a Survivor and now an Advocate, working one-on-one with our lady members.

Media Relations:

We have been doing a lot of media this year. On any given week, we do at least two podcasts or radio shows. Probably the biggest thing we've done this quarter is a Netflix documentary featuring Richard Windmann, and Board members Mason Spong and Randall Hoenig, which is scheduled to air December 2022. We've become a news outlet as well. We did a story on Alice Crochet's perpetrator, Gary Babin, which received over 180,000 unique views. Working in conjunction with Church Militant, we are working to expose Archbishop Aymond of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. This story has received 910,000 unique views on the SCSA website. The Church Militant interview was not without complications. Richard Windmann is now recognized by the Louisiana Press Association as a Journalist, which is recognized by the State of Louisiana. This allows us to protect the identities of our sources. And sources contact us weekly. We will include a link to some of the shows we've done at the end of this newsletter.

SCSA Radio Network:

Are are excited to announce that SCSA will be launching the SCSA Radio Network starting on January 1st, 2022. Our radio shows will be distributed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and iHeart Radio, and is key to our outreach and awareness initiatives. The network will be episodic, and will have different shows, hosted by Richard Windmann, John Anderson, board members Randall Hoenig and Robbin Jorgensen, Jessica Brown, Tanisha Bankston, and Darlene J. Clark. Darlene will be managing the shows, and brings years of experience producing radio shows for the Network. Each show will have their own unique theme and flavor, and will feature nationally known advocates, survivors, and experts in the field of childhood sex abuse. You are encouraged to call in and ask questions of our guests.

Donate to SCSA!

We are a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) registered in Delaware and was recognized by the IRS in February. As expected the wheels moved slowly, and we were just recently added to the IRS database of Nonprofits. We are listed by Guidestar and Charity Navigator. Our mission and the services we provide are extremely important and we serve our victims and survivors and make a positive impact in the lives of our members. We survive exclusively on your donations, from patrons like you. There two ways to help us get donations without any cost to you:

Amazon Smile

This is a very unique way to donate without costing you a dime. You can sign up with a single click. When you specify SCSA as your charity, and shop at, Amazon will make a donation to SCSA on your behalf.


Also doesn't cost anything. When you specify SCSA as your charity for your birthday, your friends can donate to SCSA. This method is wildly successful; One member chose us as their birthday charity, and set the goal at $200. That single birthday charity raised $3700.00.


If you would like to donate to us directly, you can do so at

If you donate to us directly or on Facebook, you and your friends will immediately receive a tax deductible receipt for your donations. Because Amazon makes a donation on your behalf, no receipt is provided.

A Success Story:

SCSA was contacted by a 16 year-old boy in Sweden. He was being raped by the neighborhood pedophile, who repeatedly raped this boy. All of the rapes were recorded and pictures taken. The pedophile would then trade the photos and videos with other pedophiles. Both his parents are addicted to drugs, and the pedophile would give them drug money to access the boy. Richard Windmann worked with the boy over the course of a week. He worked up the courage to tell his teacher and counselor. He was immediately put in a foster home, one that he loves. In the process, the pedophile was arrested and by extension, he broke up a pedophile network. That takes a lot of courage to tell his teachers, to face the unknown at such a tender age. He told me that he didn't want to live an entire life of pain, like we do. SCSA salutes him for his courage to contact us, and now he'll live his best life, for the rest of his life. A very impressive young man.

Thank you!:

We could not do it without you. We appreciate everything our volunteers and members do to make us successful. Without you, we would not exist. You are in our thoughts during this holiday season, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a incredible and prosperous New Year. We will not stop our support activities during this season. We appreciate and love you, and we believe you and will support you. Happy holidays from all of the SCSA staff and Volunteers.


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