It would seem that we finally have a champion on our side. And the documents they handed over to the DA better be complete, because we WILL find out. We think it is very notable that Archbishop Aymond decided in the 11th hour to turn over the documents. We speculate that they are not complete, and that he saw the writing on the wall and decided to do the "sort of the right thing" the day before the hearing. This is NOT going away, and we will keep the pressure on until ALL of the Archdiocese' documents are unsealed or confiscated through a warrant. Two Federal catholic judges recused themselves from the case because of public pressure and their long, sordid history of always ruling in the favor of the Archdiocese.

There will be a meeting of attorneys and the DA next week to ask for the recusal of the current Catholic judge who heard the arguments on the motion to unseal the documents, but as of this writing, has not ruled on the motion. A large number of the Federal Judiciary in the Eastern District of Louisiana recused themselves immediately from the Archdiocese bankruptcy upon its announcement because of their admitted, extended relationship with the Archdiocese of New Orleans and Archbishop Gregory Aymond. Two other Federal Judges recused themselves after we shined the spotlight on their connections to the Archdiocese. Is there a Federal judge left in the Eastern District that can impartially consider the motion to unseal the documents?

Most of the legal community (attorneys and judges) in New Orleans are members of the St. Thomas More Society, and attend the annual "Red Mass," praying with Archbishop Aymond, who we at SCSA consider to be a monster. On that basis alone, it is a conflict of interest, and all of them should be automatically be recused from any case that involves the Archdiocese of New Orleans, because of their demonstrable history of always ruling in the Archdiocese' favor. Is there a Protestant, Jewish, Atheist, or Agnostic Judge in the Federal Eastern District of Louisiana who can hear these cases impartially, based on the facts and evidence, in the very best interest of the citizens of New Orleans and the United States of America? Are all of the judges compromised? Who is left?


New Orleans Archdiocese Hands Over Sealed Documents

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