SCSA has added two new Directors to the Board. This comes towards the end a our first, spectacular year, and we are looking forward to a second brilliant year. The Board of Directors are the conscience and spirit of the organization. We look to them for guidance, the way ahead, and keeping us on track. They chart the path, make the major decisions for the organization, are thought leaders, forward looking, and innovative without losing focus on our primary purpose; supporting victims and survivors of childhood sex abuse:

Jessica Green Brown

VP Women's Support Programs, Board Member
[email protected]

I’m a licensed BSW social worker with a pre-apprenticeship manufacturing certification despite having a significant disability. I’m a survivor of adversity and extreme trauma with a deep passion for helping empower and inspire people to thrive, overcome and be resilient despite their adversity through sharing my life story, philanthropy, writing, public speaking, and advocacy. I have been a featured guest speaker in podcasts, videos, and a radio show shared and broadcasted globally. I’m a humanitarian, an artist, published poet and author who has been quoted by Resilience and am currently involved in the Women Igniting Change program working on an initiative I named RISE from Shattered Silence to Strength. I’m a volunteer for the Humanity Preservation Foundation. I am a volunteer point person, board member, as well as a facilitator for a female sex abuse support group for SCSA, Survivors of Childhood Sex Abuse. I’m on the forefront of helping rebuild the child welfare system in the United States.

Robbin Jorgensen CPCC, PCC

Board of Directors
[email protected]

Robbin is the CEO and Founder of Women Igniting Change. She describes herself as a status quo disruptor, human rights activist, female change agent, and a global citizen. She is a highly successful business woman with over 25 years experience, As Regional Sales Director, Hearst Media, she was responsible for overseeing a $15 million department, a management team of 6 and a sales force of 64 people. She also served at the Director of Corporate Relations, American Heart Association – Increased market retention from 40 percent to 80 percent in 2 years and increased American Heart Walk revenue by 460 percent through corporate sponsorships and fundraising activities.

Please welcome Jessica and Robbin to the SCSA Board of Directors as we look forward to the new year.