Louisiana Supreme Court

Today the Louisiana Supreme Court tossed out a law in a 4 to 3 vote that would allow victims and survivors a chance at civil justice. The law was unanimously passed by the Louisiana State Legislature, and was supported by both the former and sitting Governors of the state.

Richard Windmann, the President of Survivors of Childhhod Sex Abuse said:

"Once more the victims and survivors of childhood sex abuse have been denied justice. The insitutionalized, systematic, and wholesale rape of our children by these organizations is self-evident. Now we move onto the United States Supreme Court. The final stop to see if we, as human beings, are going to let these atrocities stand and continue to happen."

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The Louisiana Supreme Court dealt a major blow on Friday to potentially hundreds of survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and in the process delivered relief to the Catholic Church, as

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The laws were upheld as constitutional in 24 states and the District of Columbia. Louisiana joins Utah as the only state to find them unconstitutional, Robb said.