Hello Everyone,

Thank you for excepting me to the group, I have a lot to share.

I decided in my second year of therapy that I would discuss me being molested. I was five years old when it started. I think he was twelve years old. It lasted until he was 18 and moved out of his parents house.
I’m four nine and it has brought upside many feelings of hurt and betrayal. My family knew at some point, but did nothing. I’ve had a drug addiction all my adult life. I’m what they call a ”functioning addict.” I moved to San Diego to start a life without meth. I’ve been in touch with a lawyer but it’s been too long to go after him legally.

I was going to let it go at that but I CANT!!

So today I went on the internet to find him. Which I did, but I needed to pay to get the most accurate information. I broke down as soon as I started thinking about what he did to me. Physically and psychologically. I have no one to talk to other than my therapist. Most men know that I’ve been molested, that I know personally, don’t want to talk about it.

I can’t do that!

So I’ve come here to get support. From those that are brave enough to talk about it so we may heal ourselves, from what was forced upon us.

Thank you.

Joe M
SCSA Member
San Diego, California