On June 14th, 2021, John Bel Edwards signed House Bill 492 into Louisiana State Law. The bill, in its original form, called for a 35 year window, and while it was needed, it did not cover all survivors and victims of Childhood Sex Abuse. As the bill matriculated through the House and Senate, amendments were made, and it faced staunch opposition from those who introduced it.

Now, in its final form, the Statute of Limitations has been completely eliminated, and there is a three year retro (look-back window), which now covers all survivors and victims of Childhood Sex Asbuse. No longer will the children and adult survivors be denied justice from the monsters who took away their innocence, childhood, their hopes and dreams for a quick romp in the hay that amounted to rape of the most precious members of our society.

No longer can the perpetrators of these crimes walk away free. No longer can they flee to other countries with the help of their leaders and institutions. No longer can they attempt to exhaust the statute of limitations, because as of today, there is no statute of limitations. This bill sends a clear and loud signal that raping our children, and getting away with it is NO LONGER ON THE MENU.

On this new day, survivors and victims now have justice and hope realized. No longer do we make the distinction between pedophile, pederasts, hebephiles, those who approved and endorsed it, nor those who covered it up - regardless of who they are; their professional positions of “trust,” or their standing in the community. SCSA doesn’t care who you are; if you rape our children, or if you see it and don’t say anything, or even if you cover it up - you will pay, we will expose you, we will not go easy on you.

On this day, child raping season in Louisiana is OVER. If you’ve raped any of our children, turn yourself in. If you can’t do that, then go into your corner, shake, and wait until we get there. This day should be dedicated to the victims and survivors that still suffer in silence, and to those who couldn’t take it any more, and left us to be Angels.


Mark Vath
Richard Windmann
John Anderson
Jillian Coburn
All SCSA Team