The author of this post, who is the President of SCSA, was raped by Jesuit Priest Cornelius Carr is mentioned in this story. Carr went on to sexually abuse children in Jacksonville Florida and Buffalo New York before being tucked away at Fordham. The Fordham Ram covered this some time ago, and the university issued me an apology, and I appreciated it. As a result of that story, other victims of childhood sex abuse by catholics came forward and said that their clergy abusers were also housed at Fordham. What is disturbing is that this has been happening for over half of a century. It appears as if Fordham was the hiding spot, or dumpster for when a priest amasses a certain amount of child sex abuse claims. Another example of the Catholic church's coverup, it's still a part of their playbook. It still happens, and it must stop.

That aside, a special thanks to Fordham President Tetlow for addressing this head on, and to the brave student Journalists at The Fordham Ram for keeping this on the front burner and helping us raise awareness.

Fordham Releases Statement on Sexual Misconduct From Clergy

On Jan. 26, 2023, Fordham University submitted a outlining an effort to better understand and prevent sexual misconduct from clergy members. The statement included a message from President Tania Tetlow where she said she sympathizes with survivors of abuse and aims to defend those from "such cruelty."