By: Michael David Raso
Big Easy Magazine

Louisiana House Bill 492 states, according to the bill’s digest that it, “Extends the prescriptive period for certain actions against a person for abuse of a minor from 10 years to 35 years.”  With those simple words, a new bill helping sexual assault victims may be passed. The bill, created by New Orleans Democratic State Representative Jason Hughes, is, according to many sexual abuse survivors, very necessary.

The bill itself states that: “An action against a person for sexual abuse of a minor, or for physical abuse of a minor resulting in permanent impairment or permanent physical injury or scarring, is subject to a liberative prescriptive period of ten to thirty-five years. This prescription commences to run from the day the minor attains majority, and this prescription shall be suspended for all purposes until the minor reaches the age of majority.”

Richard Windmann, Co-Founder and President of Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (SCSA), says he was the victim of sexual abuse by both a member of the clergy and an NOPD officer from the age of seven to aged 17. He says of the bill, “It’s long needed. We needed this bill decades ago.” He adds, “I think it’s very important for victims of childhood sex abuse on their side to have some type of legal remedy to pave their healing process.”

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