It's about time we stop using the words "assault" and "molestation." Call it what it is; the institutionalized, systematic, and wholesale RAPE of our most precious children. What the Catholic Church did was a crime against humanity, and they targeted our most vulnerable, our children. Any other description of what happened is whitewash. Any, and I mean ANY support for these monsters, you are complicit too, and I will hold you in the same pathetic esteem as the rapists. Anyone who is a skeptic or considers our facts dubious needs to do more research and put your mindset in that of a of a child. Before you put your hard earned dollars in that basket, realize who you are paying for; the legal defense of these monsters, without any regard for our victim children.

Former Catholic "fixer" explains why accused priests come to Missouri

ST. LOUIS - Patrick Wall describes himself as a former fixer for the Catholic Church. The former monk says his job was to clean up after a report of sexual abuse. "Every one of my assignments was to follow a monk who had been credibly accused of child sexual assault and they had to remove [...]