Under the seal of confession, how can you fight childhood sex abuse? You can't report it under the seal. Why should a victim or survivor have to confess to those who abused them in the first place? The victims did nothing wrong, they don't need to confess, they were raped. This is another case of the wolf guarding the hen house, the abusers cannot be and should not be allowed to police themselves, and the "chickens" (the term for abuse victims used by pedophiles) have come home to roost for the very last time, and they now have a voice. What's worse, Louisiana State Law provides that the priests do not have to mandatorily report this abuse, the same ones who raped our children.

The victims and the survivors should be the confessors of these pedophile priests. Why does a victim of the Jesuit's own abuse have to confess to them? One of the victim representatives, after reading the Jesuit's story below, responded "Fuck You." This reporter joins in their chorus.

Confession can be place where church fights abuse, Jesuit says - The Catholic Sun

To protect the sacrament of reconciliation as a "channel of grace" for victims of sexual abuse, the Catholic Church must do a better job instructing priests on what to do if a victim recounts his or her abuse in the confessional and in the unlikely case that an abuser confesses, said Jesuit Father Hans Zollner.