This is a collection of survivor poetry by SCSA's own Jessica Green Brown. It contains emotions that some victims and survivors may find triggering.

Table of Contents

  1. A Child’s Hell
  2. Dying Inside
  3. Sins Against Children
  4. House of Pain
  5. Who 
  6. Alone
  7. Angels
  8. Night Terrors
  9. Cursed
  10. Scarred
  11. Welcome Death
  12. Ignored
  13. Hell on Earth
  14. Disrespected Innocence
  15. Trapped in the Night
  16. Tears

A Child’s Hell

By: Jessica Lea Green

Haunting memories that fill the mind

Walls seeing such vile deceit

As if possessed by putrid evil

Anger overwhelms every inch

Muffling screams of pure anguish

Never seeping beyond walls of so many violent secrets

Horror scars the very foundation

A living hell witnessed only by blind eyes of pure stone

No voice could describe such misery.


Dying Inside

By: Jessica Lea Green

I’m dying inside,

No matter how hard I try,

I don’t know why,

I just always want to cry.

It feels like my world is caving in, 

I wonder when the pain will end,

No matter what I do I can’t win, 

And I’m not sure my wounds will ever mend. 

My past haunts me,

People don’t understand my pain,

Everyone seems so happy, 

And I just feel insane.

I’m trapped in a hole,

Dark clouds engulf my body,

I feel like I’m losing my soul, 

Because I’ve been so naughty. 

The pain of enduring so much,

Silently killing my soul,

The uncomfortable feelings and such,

Will eventually take its toll. 

Sins Against Children

By: Jessica Lea Green

One who hurts children will never win,

God will avenge such an awful sin, 

And set an example for all men, 

To prevent this outrage from happening again.

What will these sinners say,

On judgment day, 

When they’re at the gates,

Where God patiently waits

And asked why they did what God hates. 

They will pay, God won’t delay

For the grave mistake that they made

By having their way,

With defenseless creatures,

Who are taught to trust their teachers, 

Whose natural dependence is betrayed, 

And for the one who hurts a child,

The consequences won’t be mild, 

God will always avenge the pain of an innocent child. 


House of Pain

By: Jessica Green


Masked pain behind solid walls, 

Life painted as a portrait of bliss, 

New hell begins every waking day

Hidden anger unleashes relentlessly,

Battered and viciously violated

Muffled screams cry for a help that will never come

Fragile deep inside, hoping not to break

Alone in this house of pain

Soul shattered; dreams battered

No one knew of the house of terror

One young child had to face.



By: Jessica Green


Who could be so cold, 

To betray a child at four years old, 

Who could be so sick, 

To hurt a child with a stick. 

Who could be so mean, 

To show a child something obscene,

Who could be so cruel, 

To beat a child every day after school.

Who could be so heartless,

To beat a child senseless, 

Who could be so evil, 

To send a child’s emotions in upheaval,

Who could be so ugly, 

To beat and molest a child smugly, 

Who could be so blind, 

To think a child doesn’t have a mind. 



By: Jessica Green 


Full of agony and despair,

Angry and scared,

There’s no one there

That really ever cared. 

No support or protection,

Lost in a cold world,

With no sense of direction,

Sits a lonely, confused little girl.

Eyes filled with tears,

Heart full of dread,

Desperate to escape her fears, 

She’d be better off dead. 

People see her pain,

But don’t want to get involved,

She cries for help in vain,

So her problems will never be resolved. 



By: Jessica Green


Angels watch over all the little children,

Who are lonely, sad, confused and lost,

In the world so self-centered and cold, 

Guarding them from pain and evil.

Angels represent everything beautiful,

Heartfelt, lovely and wonderful,

That instills hope, love, and caring in all. 

Angels can’t stop evil from happening,

But can show compassion and give guidance,

And lead all God’s children to the right life path.

Angels are God’s messengers and helpers, 

They are full of love and life,

AS beautiful inside as they are outside,

Because they represent all the goodness in the world. 


Night Terrors

By: Jessica Green Brown


Terrors in the night, 

Fill one with fright, 

Doomed to fight,

From now until daylight,

Terror so deep,

Sanity is hard to keep,

When the past comes back,

And won’t cut any slack,

It could make the strongest man cry,

The weakest want to die,

From the torture and pain

And cries in vain,

Feeling as if you’re going insane.

Memories that taint the soul,

Leaving a gigantic, gaping hole,

Filled with anger and woe,

Feeling dirty and low,

Reliving the torment of the past,

Where fear always seems to last. 



By: Jessica Green


Cursed I am, internal fights,

Sleepless nights, Painful days

Cursed to be lonely, on my own

Angry with the world, which I have grown.

Careless flaws, happy dreams

Death without cause,

Life is harder than it seems

Shattered at heart, life such a mess

Hoping for a fresh start, lost in darkness.

Cursed pain wreaking havoc

On every shed tear

Hiding from life, all reasons unclear

Desire afar, pain too much

Yearning to forget, a wonder so sought

Stomach churning, sick at the thought

Painful depths, gross and ashamed, 

A blessing stolen, reasons never known, 

So sensitive, lost on its own

Too painful is this loss, the one within

My heart years for the pain to end. 



By: Jessica Green


Trouble filled eyes the no one sees

Fear filled heart

No one cares

A hidden burden so wicked

Dream of love and happiness

Shattered with every blow

Wishing upon a star not to end up six feet below

Unavoidable withering away

Chipping from battered abuse

Cracking silently as hope begins to fade

Immaculate sin fills every aspect of life

Memories scar the very foundation

From what those walls have seen and heard

Haunting even newcomers

Like an earthquake ripping it to shreds

Pain echoes through every inch

Disintegrating even the prospect of slight recovery. 


Welcome Death

By: Jessica Green


The scars so deep within my soul

Eating me up inside, I could bear no more

In my heart there was a void

But I had no power at the age of four

I grew up into such abuse

I gave up on life

Figuring what’s the use

He’ll kill me if I tell. 

I always thought of running away,

A couple of times I almost did,

But something made me stay,

And he just kept having his way

I always wanted to die

I welcomed death to avoid the pain

Although it scared me

The abuse almost drove me insane.

All the fear changed to anger and hatred,

Hatred at the world for not helping,

Hatred at God for letting it happen,

And hatred at myself for being born. 



By: Jessica Green


Many years have passed

Since I was beaten last

When my cries of pain wrung out in vain

Everyone turned away

No matter what I would say

They just turned the opposite way

Tear-streaked face

Bruised and hurt all over the place

People would stop to stare

But not take the time to really care

So I was forced to keep reliving the nightmare

They refused to intervene

Proceeding on to carry out their dreams

Selfish it was to me

How cold and heartless they could be. 


Hell on Earth

By: Jessica Green


Thoughts race through the mind, yearning for release,

Lurking around every corner, 

Another terror to haunt one’s dreams, 

No matter which way one turns one can find no peace,

One comes apart at the seams. 

The world subjects one to severe torture and pain,

Days corrupted by terrifying memories of 

Traumatic incidents of the past

Which invade one’s dreams

And plague the somber moments within the night.

Depression and anxiety grasp the fragile soul,

The heart becomes engulfed by grief and strife,

The only escape is death, which would be a relief.

Why does the world have to be so cold?


Disrespected Innocence

By: Jessica Green


Animals and children are innocent, 

Creatures who need love and protection,

But face abandonment and torment,

With little or no affection or personal connection, 

Innocence is considered naivety, 

And maintains a negative connotation, 

In the eyes of the guilty,

Who take advantage of innocence,

And use it for their pleasure, 

Those who disrespect innocence,

Can have no heart,

And will never see heaven’s gates,

Where the untainted innocent creatures go. 


Trapped in the Night

By: Jessica Green


Dreams I can’t escape,

Torture and pain unrelentless,

Hell unleashed,

Destroying peaceful sleep.

Fighting in the night,

Yearning to be free,

Unable to overcome the grasp,

My mind has on me. 

Hate and anger plague somber moments,

Leaving the mind in turmoil,

Good against evil, haunting sleep,

With terrifying memories,

Which traumatize so deep. 



By: Jessica Green


All the tears I’ve cried,

After the immense joy I lost,

Left me dead inside,

The pain I can’t hide.

I’ve shed tears,

Until I can no more,

Reality has struck,

And my eyes are sore.

I feel like I look,

With a tear-stained face,

My eyes are saddened, 

My heart is filled with hatred.

One month to this day,

My life had changed for the better, 

I could have never expected, 

Such pain would overcome me.

I feel like my life is over,

The tears that stain my face,

Will never go away,

For me there is no brighter day.