Darlene J. Clark is from southern United States. She is an Ambassador for Tennessee in the Support group 'Survivors Against Abuse Everywhere' (at hopepyxglobal.org). Darlene helps get the word out by speaking about the atrocities which happened to her while a child. She has 8+ siblings. 

Darlene is the author of the now published book "Shattered Innocence" which is in paperback and kindle at Amazon. Abuse happens too often. Back in the day, it was taboo to speak about this - especially the sexual abuse. “Shattered Innocence” takes us on Darlene's journey of discovery and healing.

Darlene J. Clark lives in the southern part of the United States. She has experienced just about all forms of abuse - sexual, physical, mental, monetary, psychological, domestic, and spiritual, as well as abuse from people in power, since they did not protect her.