SCSA member and volunteer Alice Crochet has a major victory under her belt. A court in Houma, Louisiana ruled that convicted child rapist, Gary Babin, cannot live near a preschool and right next door to Crochet, one of his many child victims. Upon learning of the court's ruling, Crochet responded "When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful. You can make a difference if you want. I believe in you, and so does SCSA and all of our voices. My heart is no longer broken, my soul no longer seeks refuge, my light shines bright and my voice is no longer silent." SCSA will continue to monitor Babin, to make sure he is in compliance with the terms of his registry requirements, so that he can never rape a child again. 

Convicted sex offender asks court to let him live near Houma preschool. Judge says no

A court has rejected a convicted sex offender's request to live near a Houma preschool. According to court records, Gary Babin, 66, who pleaded guilty to rape charges involving a juvenile in 2008, filed a motion requesting a Terrebonne Parish judge to permit him to live on Sunset Avenue in Houma about a half mile away from a preschool.